Audrey Burne Full-Length Debut Release

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23rd April, 2020     0

For those that remember when new wave replaced punk at the cutting edge of rock music, you will recall a few things that separated the two. 

First, the New Wavers could generally play better.  Even if they were self-taught, all those hours woodshedding The Clash paid off with actual chops.

Second, these bands had style. Clothes, haircuts, cool-looking guitars – they owed more to the Mods of the 1960s than the rockers of the 1970s. They all had a look and a lot of those looks were good.

And, finally, they were fun. Where the punks were angry, the post-punkers didn’t see any reason why nihilism couldn’t be fun.

Thirty years on this same ethos informs Saginaw alternative band Audrey Burne. With their self-titled full-length release they announce themselves as worthy practitioners of music that can be just as spunky as it is dark.  Fans of bands ranging from the B52s and Siouxsie and the Banshees to The Cure will find a lot to like with this album. 

The album is full of big guitars courtesy of Rayce Ribble and driving rhythms from bassist Piper LD and drummer Kal Welser that are a perfect foil for the witchy caterwaul of vocalist Lilith Gates.

Said Ribble of the guitar-heavy arrangements on the record – “We wanted the album to sound like a new wave/post-punk album and it turned into more of a rock album that just sounds great thanks to the guidance of our producer Andy Reed.”

Bassist Piper LD added "We were going for 'all killer no filler' and I think we succeeded"

The album starts of with a bang with the big crunchy guitar riff of “Don’t Get Comfortable” and propels through one banging goth anthem after another.  “Sagittarius” is going to ring a bell with those who have “dealt with the breed.”  Songs like “Ticket Out,” “Colossus,” and “Say Hi” have the kind of tough, angular guitar parts that are signatures of the genre.

As Piper LD put it, “We all had a good time making this album. We hope it's a fun, cathartic, and topical listen.”

Ribble added, “This record means everything to us, and we all worked hard on it. The album is getting a lot of positive feedback and we are proud of that."

You can find Audrey Burne on all the popular streaming platforms and the album is available for purchase at



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