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10th February, 2011     0

Bub Bizzle has something that Guru of Gang Starr would call "the voice". His distinctive cadence, tales of street life, and soulful backdrop have propelled him to the top of the local rap scene. To find out more about his inspirations and motivation I asked him a few questions.

What got you into rapping and who were your main influnces?

Biz: Honestly, I have been into music all my life and my passion evolved into rapping. I knew I was going to do something that had to do with music. My main influences are my family.

What was it like to grow up in the hood of Saginaw and how did that mold you as an artist?

Biz: It forced me to grow up fast. It was a surreal life. I was drum major at Saginaw High, studied music at Kentucky State University, but still at the end of the day most of my true friends were street cats. I will always respect the struggle because it helps you better appreciate the fruits of your success when you finally make it.

You have always been affiliated and made music with the Raw Talent crew. What has it been like transitioning to a solo artist?

Biz: A new yet different experience. It's cool because you find out things about yourself as a person through the music. Ever since we started they always told me I was going to stand out so I looked forward to it happening anyway. They're my brothers and they know I love them.

You have a new mixtape out called Strictly Business. It has a noticeably more soulful sound than your past work. What inspired you to go that route?

Biz: Life!!! Dealing with different situations and letting the music speak for me. Plus there was always something about hearing a sample that always attracted me. It's almost like taking a trip back to the past. I feel like soul music is my niche even though I can jump on anything and go in. Had to let that be known though.

What advice do you have to up and comers trying to make a name for themselves in the local scene?

Biz: BE YOURSELF!!!! No matter how good others may sound to you. Individuality is what the people want. Something new and fresh. A lot of people don't reach their goals because they get thrown into a box or labeled. Always try to stand out.

What are your plans for the future and where do you see yourself a couple years from now?

Biz: First of all living and hopefully get closer to my dreams than I am at the present time. Giving back to help others reach theirs as well.

Bub Bizzle's new mixtape Strictly Bizzness is available for download. You can catch him performing live at The Arlington in Bay City for A Buck Bizzle Production on February 19th.


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