Americans Lead Their Country Peacefully Into Serious Danger

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09th May, 2013     0

Climate Disruption is profoundly deadly. It is the secondary effect of burning fossil fuels through manufacturing, transportation and agriculture. Burning fossil fuel produces carbon dioxide which in excess causes a greenhouse effect, trapping warm air in the atmosphere, moving the average temperature of the planet up and up. The importance of all this is the power of an overly warm atmosphere to shift Climate Patterns. The pain we experience is Weather Chaos, extreme storms, problems raising food, dehydration of lake and river water, the melting of glaciers which stored fresh water, the extinction of animals and insects that are needed for ecological balance. The current measure of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 396 parts per million, the number we need to slow down dramatic weather events is 350ppm, in the 1950's it was in the 320's.

As reported by the New York Times, 95% of climate scientists throughout the globe agree that the carbon dioxide and methane gas produced by humans causes the over-heating the of planet. This has been known for 50+ years and yet Americans have chosen personal ignorance and abandonment of the health of all current life that is in this nation and on Earth. Try this: google The National Academy of Sciences (established by Abraham Lincoln) and discover really important information about climate.

Many people say they do not “believe” in Climate Change. Massive changes in weather is not a belief system, it is learned through a process of observation and scientific documentation! Big, gigantic, beyond our experience tornados swooping through towns in greater and greater numbers is not a belief system!! The loss of apples, cherries and winter wheat in 2011 in Michigan was not a belief system, the reduction in water by 8 feet in one year and flooding the next year is not just a belief but a very expensive tragedy. The Great Lakes are the largest system of fresh water in the world. The Fish and Wildlife Service says “ The impact of climate change is already evident in warmer water, longer ice-free season, earlier spring run-off, changing water levels and habitat
alterations impacts water quality”

Climate Change is happening now. The chance for prevention is over. Our hope is in sustainable practices, getting back to 350pmm of CO2 in the atmosphere to stop an increase in climate intensity and then prepare to handle the damage that is coming. If you think FEMA will have money to help all the states experiencing weather damage, then just watch another TV show until the electricity shuts down. If by some chance you have just a smidgen of honor and courage become an American leader toward a safer world.

You are powerful and you are important, so get off your butt. The truth of our condition is bleak but not hopeless. Lone Tree Council and Saginaw Valley Sustainability Society offer education and environmental activities. Our first job is to educate. Pony up to your children and world, spend 15 minutes a day reading or watching an educational video on climate. Read Bill McKibbon and Jim Hanson for starters.

This issue is frightening and offers confusion and a sense of being overwhelmed. So I get it. Who wants to face this reality!! Ignorance is bliss. Well, it's time to give up your ignorance and prepare to protect yourself and family. Go to local and national events. Check out Peter Sinclair's U Tube Climate Crock of the week , go to or call 893-7623.

WE CAN SOLVE THIS PROBLEM!!! If you are waiting for the government, good luck. They are having a tough time finding the rest rooms. No, this is ours. We as grassroots people have this job, to save our future just as we had the job to create this nation. This country has the character roots and intelligence to tie our own shoes.

Do not wait for someone else to do your job. For ten thousand years the average CO2 in our atmosphere was 275ppm, in the last 200 years it has moved to 396ppm.

This is a number that can be changed by using less fossil fuel. Easy! We have solar power and wind and geothermal and especially conservation. Conservation is seriously in our hands. Our power comes from our spending choices and our voices. Go around the government and corporations they will shift when we take back our choices and our money.

There are some really potent things you can do. Stop driving so much. Walk, ride your bike and take your kids with you. Stop watching sports and do a sport. Pitiful. When you buy a car make it an energy efficient one. Reducing energy emissions is very very very powerful.

Plant trees (way powerful). These Creations are a singular miracle. Trees cool air and the ground around us, this helps reduce the Earth's temperature. Trees produce oxygen; two adult trees create enough for a family of four! They drink water through the roots, then serve as a barrier to high water.

Mid-Michigan Waste Management Authority just hosted Earth Day at the Saginaw Children's Zoo. Kids planted 250 trees in cups and parents got a titch of environmental education. It is a really fun event. We would like your help.

Every time we use something manufactured, every time we eat, drive a vehicle, every time our cows fart (awake out there?), all the plastic that surrounds us, every time we fly, coal, oil and gas is burned and CO2 goes into our atmosphere. When we have functional renewable energy sources what could possibly cause people to support the use of fossil fuel? It's called multinational corporate interest. Energy Corporations are spending billions to
protect their investments which are of course fossil fuel. Encourage local corporations to invest in renewables. Find ways to avoid their products. Buy green products; turn your heat down 1 degree and your air conditioner
up. Re-cycle, reuse, don't consume so much, insulate your house, caulk the energy leaks all over your home and cook real food at (way fewer boxes and toxins) not to mention greater health. Yes, it means a life style
change. Make a few sacrifices.

Big point of light: start a garden or join a community one. It will give great health food, no poisons, naturally treated soil (compost), oxygen production, less agricultural pollution and is great for physical and mental health plus cheaper food. Bay City has one at 6th and Van Buren Sts. go take a look. There are many group gardens in Michigan.

Another point of light: Events just for you: 350 Clean Energy Walk, Climate Science Education Day by Peter Sinclair, The Annual 350 Walk Group Photo to be posted on YouTube, along with groups from many countries. A Parade of Energy Efficient Cars and Optional Lunch – all of this is happening on Saturday May 18 starting at 11AM. Come to Bay City's Veterans Park on the north east side of the river near the helicopter. This is the fifth year and is always an interesting and inspiring event. More details at, or 893-7623.

Now it's your time to shine. Step out a bit, develop your mind, decide how you will direct your will. Become a hero through conscious choice by using your voice, speaking to friends and neighbors. Speak very loudly to community leaders that do not lead. Your life is what you decide it is, but just for the sake of faith I'm going to BELEIVE that you are a hero. My next article will be titled, AMERICANS LEAD THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD BACK TO ENVIROMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY .

OK! Just be smart, stubborn and active.


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