In Their 4th Installment The Seekers Return to Assist a Single Mother & Her Young Daughters

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17th October, 2013     0

For rapper and filmmaker Steve Shippy (also known as Prozak) much of 2013 has found him on a national 158-day tour, catching him in a whirlwind of airports, vans, concert stages, and hotel rooms; yet opening just enough windows of time to allow him to prepare his latest installment in the 'Seekers' series, which will make a worldwide debut in November.
As he puts the finishing touches on his latest documentary chronicle entitled A Haunting in Saginaw, Michigan, which will make it worldwide premier one night only on Friday, November 8th at 9:00 PM at The Temple Theatre in Saginaw, Prozak is obviously excited about this latest project and confident that again it will premier to a sellout crowd.
Tickets for this year's premier are only $15.00 and include entry to the Red Carpet Premier, a Meet & Greet & Autograph signing with 'The Seekers' Paranormal Investigation team, and represents his fourth investigation into paranormal happenings occurring around Saginaw.
His first two films explored Hauntings on Hamilton Street at the legendary Schuch Hotel and Stable sports outfitters; and last year's investigation took his team to the faded and decayed splendor of Saginaw's legendary Potter Street Station. But for this latest excursion, Prozakand crew came to the aid of a single mother and her two young daughters, who had moved into a new home they purchased in Saginaw that was adjacent to a cemetery.
“They had no idea they were making the biggest mistake of their lives,” reflects Prozak, “as this family's 'Dream House' ultimately became their worst nightmare when they realized it was inhabited by an aggressive and territorial spirit that was desperate to drive them out.  This entity repeatedly taunted the mother and her young children, along with anyone who dared visit the residence.”
Although he is reticent to reveal too much about what his team of paranormal professionals discovered at the residence, Prozak does state that this latest investigation was perhaps the most terrifying of any the team has yet embarked upon.
“We captured some shocking evidence and watched it unfold as we attempted to rid the home of this very powerful and dangerous apparition,” he explains. “The mother's youngest child was left with scratch marks on her body after being physically attacked. And the oldest child claimed to have been awoken every night to find a solid, black mass looming over her bed, which would paralyze her with fear.  When this mother came to us she was frantic and explained that despite her attempts to make peace with this unseen entity, she was at a point where she felt there might be no choice but to abandon her home.”
When asked about this thoughts concerning the source and origin of these 'spirits' he explains: “One school of thought says that haunting stems from people with unresolved issues, which is definitely a part of it; but the biggest difference is between 'intelligent' and 'residual' haunting. A residual haunting is somebody that inhabited a certain building and did so many routines so many times that they leave an imprint, which is what we captured a lot of last year at Potter Station.”
“The 'intelligent' hauntings involve paranormal activity that interacts with living people,” continues Prozak. “This is what we experienced in this latest installment. The thought is that the ghost or spirit is aware of your presence. I do believe that both types exist. When we were walking around in the dark in the middle of the night and asking the name of a spirit we were hearing, you can hear a response that answers a question, which is an intelligent haunting.”
“The infamous question is what happens after death,” concludes Prozak. “Everybody really wants to know that, including me; because the one guarantee we have is that we're all going to die and it's the one thing nobody knows anything about.  So what are we capturing on film and recorder? Are we capturing imprints of energy?  We've only been on earth a blink of an eye in the big scheme of things, so maybe a thousand years from now we'll have a clear answer to these questions. Some from a religious viewpoint refer to what we capture as evil, or demons that we are messing with.  But these are all opinions. I'm not here to enforce any opinion; my goal is to simply document.”
“Making these films is a passion for me and October is my favorite time of the year. Plus this is a big responsibility for me. Saginaw wants us to do this every year and I'm confident we'll never run out of places to film. It's amazing how many people are having problems or activity. Put it this way, if everybody that you knew posted a question on their facebook page asking if anybody they knew in Saginaw had experienced a haunting, you would be blown away by how many people would respond. We have a phenomenon on a mass scale happening in this city.”
“I remember back in 2010 CBS did a national poll asking how many people believed in the paranormal and 51 percent said they did, which is astounding to me. What is this? Mass hysteria? What do you call it?”
“But as I say, this is a responsibility for me now. The public wants us to continue our pursuits and my goal is to deliver the best documentary that I am capable of without pulling any stops.”
The 'Haunting in Saginaw, Michigan' World Premier on November 8th is a Red Carpet Event with casual dress.  Nearly 13,000 Saginaw residents have attended these annual premiers. A cash bar is available and all previous years have completely sold out. Tickets are available now by phoning the Temple Theatre or going to www.templetheatre.com.


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