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25th June, 2020     0

Because of ongoing restrictions in the State of Michigan pertaining to large gatherings due to the COVID-19 crisis, our 34th Annual REVIEW Music Awardswas presented this year as a Live-Streaming ‘Quarantine’ Presentationthat debuted on Monday, June 15thas a 2-hour and 30-minute extravaganza that can currently be viewed on the Review Magazine YouTube channel. 

On Saturday, May 30th we spent five hours staging and filming this year’s awards celebration at The Hamilton St. Pub, limiting those present to the performers and guest presenters, and scheduling performances so that no more than 10-people at one time were gathered, per the Governor’s orders.

Needless to say, it was a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

While we were not able to sell tickets or have any of the nominees in attendance to accept their awards, we were able to present Live Performances from our guest musical artists and have the guest presenters read the list of all nominees in each division and announce the winners during the live recording session.

This year's Awards Celebration was filmed by videographer James Cooke of Cooke Productionsand featured multi-track recordings by Charlie Williams, with the live mix provided by John LaCross and the final mix tended to by Andy Reed of Reed Recording Company.

Since our first Awards Celebration in 1987, the Review Music Awards has evolved into a special celebration and one of the premier cultural events in the Great Lakes Bay region and beyond, awarding honors to musicians in over 60 categories of Rock, Country, Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, Folk and Alternative music.

This year a total of 1482 musicians were nominated through the months of January & February and a total of 10,901 people voted.

Guest presenters consisted of Todd Michael Hall ,who just made national waves with his appearances on the hit NBC showThe VoiceMarsha Braun of the Saginaw Arts & Enrichment CommissionAllysha White of White’s Bar; musician Donny Brown, formerly of The Verve Pipe; Thor Rasmussen of The Temple Theatre and Saginaw Art Museum; and Kimberly Megoran of Love Street Live, along with Review Magazine  publisher & Editor Robert E. Martin.

This year’s guest musical performances featured Loren Kranz & Drew Pentkowsk ifrom Barbarossa Brothers, Rock-Hop Hip-Hop powerhouse REDBURN, the eclectic and infectious blues/rock sounds of We, the Infamous, country artists The Todd Michael Band, the incredibly moving and passionate voice of singer-songwriter Amy Petty, the tightly rendered rockin/blues of The Blue OG’s, and a powerhouse performance by singer-songwriter Andy Dalton.

Miscellaneous Awards

Best Americana Duo • Travis Patten & Barry Clevenger

Best Band Website • www.rebelline.net

Best Recording Studio • Reed Recording Company

Best Videographer •  Lisa Goulette

Music Video •  Flip Flops Campfire Edition - Rebel Line

Best Radio Station •  WKQZ - Z-93

Best Concert/Album or Project • Parkapalooza Freeland

Best Metal Band • Here After Six

Best Sound Technician • Carey Limberg

Best CD Release • (TIE Winner)

Grab Em By the Hat - Rebel Line

The Fireside Wake - Andy Dalton

Best Music Festival • Bay City Country Music Festival

Best Live Event of the Year • Band Roulette

Best Waitress • Kristen Avram

Best Bartender• Jeremy JP Pomeroy

Best Alternative Band • Barbarossa Brothers

Best Multi-Instrumentalist • Andy Dalton

Best Duo • Travis Patten & Barry Cleavenger

Most Innovative Artist • Andy  Dalton

Best Variety Band • The Sinclairs Band

Best Solo Artist • Andy Badour

Best New Artist of the Year • Shadow People

Best Original Band • Barbarossa Brothers



Best Rock Video •  The Mongrels - Tyrant

Favorite Rock Club • Bemo’s

Rock Female Vocalist • Nikki Lynn

Rock Keyboardist • Stephanie Noel

Best Rock Songwriter •  Mick Furlo

Rock Male Vocalist • Andy Hahn

Rock Bassist • Joe Balbaugh

Best Rock Band • Konebra Kai

Rock Guitarist • Joe Gibson

Rock Drummer • Juancarlos De La Sotta


Rap/Hip Hop Awards

Best Producer • Ken Shelton

Best DJ • Redburn

Best Promoter • Chris Redburn

Best Rap/Hip Hop Video • REDBURN - They Come

Best Rap/Hip Hop Songwriter • Mike Spitz

Rap/Hip Hop Artist of the Year • Mike Spitz

Best Performer • Mike Spitz



Country Video •  Rebel Line - Flip Flops Campfire Edition

Favorite Country Club • Willew Lounge

Country Female Vocalist • Mandi Layne

Country Male Vocalist •  Travis Paten

Country Songwriter • Barry Clevenger

Best Country Musician • Barry Clevenger

Best Country Band • Rebel Line



Best Male Jazz Vocalist •Matt deHeus

Best Small Combo • Monique Ella Rose Band

Favorite Jazz Club • Bancroft Wine & Martini Bar

Female Jazz Vocalist • Kalysta Sylvester

Jazz Songwriter • Allison Scott (Straight 8's)

Best Big Band •  Soul XPress

Best Jazz Musician • Scott Vandell



Best Blues Video • Feel Like Rain - Bob Hausler

Favorite Blues Club • Scotty’s Sandbar

Best Funk Band • Soul X-Press

Male Blues Vocalist • Rhett Yocom

Best Blues Band • The Blue OG’s

Female Blues Vocalist • Amy Petty

Blues Songwriter • Rhett Yocom

Blues Instrumentalist • Rhett Yocom




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