28th Review Music Awards Update

Posted In: Arts & Entertainment, Review Music Awards,   From Issue 788   By: Robert E Martin

03rd April, 2014     0

With our 28th Annual Review Music Awards Ceremony happening on Sunday, April 27th, here's a brief update.  All invitations have been mailed to over 270 nominees with the exception of the following. If you are one of these nominated musicians or bands, please email your current mailing address to robert.review@gmail.com.

Phunk Shway - Honesty Elliott - 23 North - Timothy Jay Ross - Jim Pagel - Northwoods improvisors - Hott & Bothered Productions - DJ Tazz - MC Fox - Dre Lavey - Jacinto

Also, please remember to RSVP by emailing or calling The Review by April 15th if you are a nominee and wish to obtain your discounted ticket for a friend or spouse for $5.00. Otherwise additional tickets will be $10.00 for nominees at the door.

Tickets are currently on sale at the outlets noted in our display ad on Page 2 of this publication.

Look for a complete schedule and itinerary for the 28th Review Music Awards in our next edition, which will be out on April 16th.


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