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America lost a legend this year when Meadowlark Lemon passed at 83. I got to see him play 3 times, once in the Saginaw High Gym.  What an amazing talent.  He would light Arenas up with his big smile & famous hook shot every place he went. Wilt Chamberlain said he was “the most sensational, awesome, incredible basketball player I’ve ever seen.” The man who would become the “Clown Prince of Basketball” came from humble beginnings. Born in the deep South in the Jim Crow era, with no parents around and raised by his Aunt & Uncle, Meadowlark went on to play with the Harlem Globetrotters for 24 years. He had 10 children.  In 2003 he was inducted into the Basketball HOF. Meadowlark became a preacher in 1986 at career’s end. He would say, “To be a child of God is the highest honor anyone could have”. This is a life to be celebrated.

Bowl Games again this year were amazing. The Big 10 did pretty well winning 4 while losing 5. Michigan clobbered a good Florida Gator team 41-7 to end a great season (10-3) (Ranked 11th) for their 1st year coach Jim Harbaugh. Under the category of Ass Kicked, Michigan State took a 12-1 record 3 historic wins over Ohio Stare. Michigan, Iowa) (National # 6th Ranking) into game with Bama. They were totally killed 38-0 by Nick Saban’s Alabama Roll Tide. They were rolled. BUT S.I. PUT DOWN MSU IN 4 of the BEST GAMES of the year out of 25.

I went to the Outback Bowl in Tampa and watched the Tennessee Vols kill Northwestern stupid 45-6.  The song “Rocky Top” was played all game long. The Bowl game for the ages was between TCU and Oregon in the Alamo Bowl. TCU was given no chance when their starting QB Trevor Boykin was suspended because of a Bar brawl. At the half the score was Oregon 31-0 over TCU. Backup QB Bram Kohlhausen, who just lost his Dad, brought back the Horn Frogs, to win in Triple OT 47-41 (TOTALLY UNREAL).  This you may never see again (EVER). 

Black Monday came again for 5 NFL coaches. N.Y. Giant’s Tom Coughlin resigned (Won 2 Super Bowls). Cleveland Browns fired Mike Pettine because he couldn’t handle Johnny Football. S.F. 49ers let Jim Tomsula go (Paid him $14 Million for next year anyway). The Philly Eagles Chip Kelly was canned. Miami Dolphins sent Dan Campbell packin.  Still coaching their teams at days’ end:  The Bucs Lovie Smith, 2 Year Record: 8-24 (WHOOPS-FIRED 1/7/2016) The Bucs have had 4 Coaches in 6 Years & the Lions Jim Caldwell took a 11-5 team to 7-9 and got to stay after the 90-year-old owner Martha fired everyone else but him? DETRIOT LIONS #1 PICK: Taylor Decker from OSU - bad choice - NFL grade C Minus; should have taken Reggie Ragland of Alabama -STUPID. Two QB’S went in Round One: #1 L.A. Rams, Jared Goff. Next was Denver taking Paxton Lynch, Memphis. The LIONS SHOULD HAVE TAKEN HIM, Stafford is a loser.  

Saginaw’s Serena Williams was S.I. Sports Person of the Year (2015). She won the Australian, French, & Wimbledon, had a 53-3 record, along with $74 Million in prize money in the bank. She now has 21 Career Grand Slams. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen Dad Williams for a while. Richard Williams, age 70, married 33-year old Lakeisha Graham after divorcing Oracene Price (Don’t you just love the names?)  They had a child soon after in 2012. NET WORTH: DAD, 20 MILLION, VENUS, $75 MILLION, SERENA, $140 MILLION.  SHOCKER: Serena lost the 2016 Australian Open to 28-year old German Angelique Kerber (RATED 92ND), 4-6, 6-3, 4-6.  Serena won her 7th Wimbledon, her 22nd Grand Slam, & has now won 14 Doubles Grand Slams and has a GRAND SLAM’S RECORD OF 304-42. SERENA NOW HOLDS THE MOST MAJORS SET MATCH RECORD.     

DEATHS: Rowdy Roddy Piper (61), Dolph Schayes 12 Time NBA All Star, and Flip Sauders, former Piston Coach (60). Billy Plager, St. Louis Blues Hockey Player (70). I once dumped a beer over the glass at Olympia on his head. They didn’t catch me. I watched the Wings win. Yes, it was a stupid thing to do, but I was stupid). Monte Irvin passed 1/12/2016: He was 96. Monte helped win the ’54 World Series, was the N.L. RBI Leader in 1951, 5 Time All-Star, 1973 HOF Member. He got a football scholarship from the U of M, but didn’t take it because he couldn’t afford to move there. Irvin was part of the very first All Black Outfield (Irvine/Mays/Thompson). Andy Bathgate, N.Y. Ranger passed at 84. He has been credited with inventing the curved stick. Stan Mikita/Bobby Hull also share that honor. Hull made the “Banana Blade’ famous. No Goalie wanted him on a breakaway.  Wil Smith (Age 34), former New Orleans NFL Star, shot to death (6 times in the back - wife also shot 2 times) in road rage (STUPID). 

THE SADDEST DAY EVER: Jose Fernandez (MIAMI MARLIN PITCHER) died in a boating accident at age 24.  He defected from Cuba when he was 15 (His 4th try). After his 2nd attempt he was put in a cell for 2 months with a man who had killed 7 people.  His stepdad took 14 times to make it to Freedom.  On Jose’s last attempt he dove into the water to save his mom during a storm.  His proudest moment is when he became an American citizen.  He was one of baseball’s best: 38-17, 2.58 ERA, 589 K’s, two-time All-Star, and the 1st ever American League Rookie of the Year, born in Cuba.  Jose pitched 3 years for a high school in Tampa (Won 2 State Titles).  In 2015 he had Tommy John surgery and came back just as strong.  The “love of his life” was his grandmother Olga.  The Marlin’s management got her out of Cuba.  You have to pull up the video…it will touch your heart.  Jose left a pregnant girlfriend with his child, a baby girl.  I own his game used bat and game used jersey.  In that shirt he struck 14 and got a hit.    

NFL DOPES OF THE YEAR: Darren Sharper (5 Time Pro Bowler & Super Bowl Champion), drugged and raped a woman and got 20 years.  Colin Kaepernick and Mike Evans didn’t stand for the National anthem.  Neither one of those idiots voted.  Colin also praised Castro.  Fidel finally died.  He was responsible for over 100,000 deaths.  (Most dying, trying to get to America). The NFL is losing fans and those dopes are leading the way.

The Red Wings Dylan Larkin (THIS KID IS FAST) a rookie made the 2016 All-Star team.  Other Red Wing Rookies to make an All-Star team: Marcel Pronovost 1950, Terry Sawchuck 1950, Glen Hall 1955, Normie Ullman 1955, Reed Larson 1978 (I was at a game when he took a faceoff against Mario Lemieux - as the puck was dropped Reed cold cocked Mario –I couldn’t believe it), and Steve Yzerman 1984.

Alex Ovechkin (30) married Russian actress Nastaya Shubskaya (21)…SUPER INSANE HOT.  Larry Coulouris (LARRY’S LOUNGE OWNER) passed at age 91. He played hockey into his 88th year…UNREAL. He was a gentleman.

FINALLY: Cubs win World Series after 108 Year Wait.  They beat Cleveland 4 games to 3.  Ben Zobrist was the MVP (Ben Zobrist was also on the Kansas City Royals Championship team last year).  The last time Chicago won was against Ty Cobb & Detroit, 4 games to 1.  The Tigers did beat the Cubs in 1945, 4 games to 3.  Hank Greenburg (just out of the service) (.304 BA, 2 HRS, 7 RBI’S) was the MVP.  This year’s Final Four teams after a lot of procrastinating ended up being Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Washington: all very good choices.  Tiger Woods returned to the golf wars with a beard, and another unsuccessful effort even though he was 4 under, he was 14 shots out of the lead.  I see no return to glory for this man.

MUHAMMAD ALI:  once was thought of as an egotistical/outlandish loon. Showed the World he could back up his banter (56 Wins in the ring). Later he became an inspiration with way he battled Parkinson’s and in how he dealt with kindness to everyone around him. He will be missed (Age 74).

Arnold Palmer (Winner of 91 Golf Tournaments) passed.  I once helped him put away his golf clubs into the trunk of his car at the Buick Open in Flint (a gentleman always).  They say things come in 3’s.  The greatest player to ever put on skates died – GORDIE HOWE (age 87).  One evening Gordie came to raise money for Bay Ice Arena and the GSAHA.  The two of us arrived into the parking lot at the same time.  In a rush Gordie slipped and fell on black ice on to his back.  I leaned down, grabbed his big hand and pulled him up.  He paused, put his hand on my shoulder, and said, “If you tell one single person”, and I didn’t.  I have been a life time Howe fan. 

The football game of the year was played between Ohio State and Michigan.  The Buckeyes won 30-27 in double OT.  TV had 17 to 20 Million watching.  Many asked why 3 of the 4 refs were from Ohio?  It was a one sided called game.  Michigan had 7 penalties called for 59 yards, OSU, 2 for 6 yards.  SAD.

GOD AWFUL HOCKEY TEAM:  Washington Capitals of 1974 with a record of 8-67-5.  They scored 181 goals & gave up 446. Lost 39 of 40 road games. The goalie Ron Low was presented with a bulletproof vest as a gift at season’s end. Tommy Williams said: “We’re a good team. We’re just in the wrong league.” The Capitals of 2004 tried finishing last so they could get the #1 Draft pick (OVECHKIN). Near the end of the season (to keep losing) they brought up “MAD” Mel Angelstad. He had tried out for 9 teams in the NHL and was cut 9 times. He was given number 69 (1st Ever player to wear that number) and he played 2 games.

Jackie Robinson’s first signed contract with Montreal, went up for auction. They say it will bring up to $46 million. I THINK NOT.

POLITICALLY CORRECT GONE WILD: Andrew Shaw was suspended for calling a ref a fag in a game. OMG, I’m glad they didn’t follow the Fullerton Hockey team around in the 80’s. T.V. could have done a reality show on that bunch. My claim to fame, 87 penalty minutes in a City Class (A) Men’s League game.

Curt Schilling was fired by ESPN for a facebook post. He said “Men’s rooms were designed for the penis.”  Kate Upton went on social media after the Cy Young Award (2 Florida Sports Writers didn’t vote) was given to Rick Porcello (Former Tiger) instead of her boyfriend Justin Verlander.  She said, “I guess I’m not the only one f*cking  Verlander” Yikes!    HERE IS A QUIZ: Why does Rutgers have a football team? This year they have been beaten by: Ohio State 59-0, Michigan 78-0, MSU 49-0, & Penn State 39-0…THAT’S 224 to nothing.     

OWNERS GONE WILD AGAIN: David Price (AGE 30) (104-56, POST SEASON 2-7) - $ 217 MILLION for 7 years;  Zack Greinke (AGE 32) (142-93, POST SEASON 3-3) - $ 206.5 MILLION for 6 years; Jason Heyward (AGE 26) - $ 184 MILLION for 8 years;  Johnny Cueto (AGE 29) (96-70 )- $ 130 MILLION for 6 years, & Tigers Jordan Zimmerman (AGE 29) (70-50) $110 MILLION for 5 years. The Tigers also spent $132.75 MILLION on Justin Upton (Age 28) for leftfield (Oh, that Pizza Money). My friend Jim Northrup had a 12 year M.L. career, 1392 games, 153 HRS, 610 RBI’S, .267 BA, & .981 FA. He made $24,000 in 1968 as a World Champion…similar stats as Justin Upton who makes $ 21 Million a year.

THE DUMBEST MONEY SPENT SO FAR: Ian Kennedy: $70 Million for 5 Years: Record last year: 9-15, 4.51 ERA. Austin Jackson (Former Tiger) with a .260 BA & 8 HRS last year turned down $6 Million. Sam Bradford, Eagles QB: 2 YRS 36 Million. K.C. Catcher Salvador Perez: 5 YRS: 52.5 Million.

PEYTON MANNING RETIRED (3/5/2016). 2 Superbowl wins, many records, good time to quit. MARCH MADNESS SHOCKER; MSU (rated 2 in the Nation) losses to Middle Tennessee State 90-81 WTH?  ISSO almost had a stroke.

Under the category of ASS KICKED:  Villanova killed Oklahoma 95-51, then went on to beat North Carolina in the last moments 77-74 to win it all. Bill Laimbeer belongs in the Basketball HOF, WTH?

2016 SPORTS HOTTIE LIST: Camila Giorgi – Tennis; Youla Papachristou –Track; Anastsia Ashley-Surfer; Melanie Adams - Pole Vaulter; Antonija Misura - Basketball (YEKS); Natalie Gulbis - Golf: Sally Fitzibbons, Lexi Thomason & Jessica Korda -  Surfer; Gracie Gold - figure skater; Hillary Knight – Hockey; Blair O, Neal – Golfer; Gina Carrano - MAMA Fighter, & Paige Spiranac - Golf.

Dancing with the Stars: Doug Flutie & Geraldo Rivera prove again white men can’t dance. Two black footballer’s Antonio Brown (former CMU Stud) can dance, but Von Miller, Super Bowl MVP - sucks bad.       

NFL PLAYOFFS: WILD CARD: K.C. 30 / Texas 0. Texas QB Brian Hoyer couldn’t hit the Grand Canyon if he were standing in front of it. He threw for only 136 yards and 4 interceptions. WORST EVER. Game 2:  Pittsburgh 18 / Bengals 16.  The weather was hideous-rain/snow/wind. The game featured two teams that hate each other. The Steelers lead 15-0 going into the 4th. There were vicious hits all game long. Big Ben got crushed, went to the locker and came back in with two minutes left to lead his team to a last second 35-yard field goal.  Cinn. Fans went home in tears. GAME 3: Seattle 10 Vikings 9…. Fans Freeze:  Minus 4/Wind Chill Minus 21. Blair Walsh made 3 straight field goals, Russel Wilson brings Seattle back to take a 10-9 lead. With time running out Blair Walsh comes in for his 4th kick, a chip shot of 27 yards…and he misses. (Now he is on a suicide watch) Game 4: Wind for days in Washington. MSU grad & Redskin QB Kirk Cousins was dodging Packer rushers all game long. He was 29 for 46-329 yards, but lost 35-18 after leading 11-0. GAME 5: New England 27 / Chiefs 20, Gronkowski 2 TD’S, Brady was Brady, enough said. GAME 6: Cards 26 / Packers 20 was one crazy game. Aaron Rogers with no time on the cloak puts up a Hail Mary to Jeff Janis (who caught 2 passes for the year-in this game 7). Janis is from Tawas and went to SVSU. In OT Larry Fitzgerald catches a pass and runs 75 yards to kill Green Bay’s hopes (UNREAL). NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Alabama 45 / Clemson 40 (Where the hell was the defense?) The Q.B.’s were awesome: Alabama’s Jake Coker 335 yards and Clemson’s Deshaun Watson: 405 yards and 4 TD’S in the painful loss.  It was Nick Saban’s 5th Title. My player of the game, Bama’s O.J. Howard: 5 catches for 205 yards (He is 6”6’ 242 pounds and runs like deer). The Lions should draft this man.

SUPER BOWL 50 (I saw the 1st one): Denver 24 / Carolina 10. THE QB’s were bad: Manning: 13/23, 141 YRDS, 0 TD’S (Now 2 Super Bowl Rings-should retire). Newton 18/41, 265 YRDS, 0 TD’S.  Cam did have a few good passes, but the Denver defense won the night. Bronco linebacker Von Miller was the game’s MVP.  

The Red Wings made the 2016 Stanley Cup playoffs for the 25th Straight year (UNREAL). The Wings lost to Tampa 4 games to 1.  They outplayed the Bolts but Ben Bishop was solid all 5 games. The Golden State Warriors set a new NBA record, going 73 & 9.  THE NHL ALL-TIME BEST RECORD IS HELD BY THE 1995-1996 DETROIT RED WINGS: 62-13-7 & 131 PTS (ONE HOME LOSS).  

USA TODAY wrote a story saying there were only a few black pitchers. Can we just say, ‘Shut the hell up!’ Major League Baseball has 8.5 % blacks. Do we hear whites bitching because there are 68.7% blacks in the NFL or 74.4% blacks in the NBA?  95 % of the NHL is white. GO FIGURE. ODD NOTE: John Salley, former Piston great, never ever eats meat…looks great.         

Lamar “I’m a Dope” Odom was in a coma & near death after having 3 days of sex (on Viagra) at the BUNNY RANCH in Vegas…but he is out again. Look out girls. Delmon Young, former Detroit Tiger threatened to kill a Valet person in Miami Beach - what a dope #2. Dope #3 is Johnny Football, who punched out his girlfriend 3 times. The Browns dumped him in March. In APRIL he was charged for assault by the Grand Jury.  Dope #4: Cam Newton in a hoody in his 2 Minute Press Conference after the Super Bowl loss. Dope #5:  Mateen Cleaves - MSU March Madness Hero of days past…arrested in a sex crime & the beat goes on. Dope #6: Hulk Hogan had sex with his best friend’s young wife; it was filmed & put on social media. He sued & got $115 Million, OMG Nuts. I met the Hulk at a Car Wash in Clearwater…NICE GUY.  Dope # 7: Adam LaRoche (WHITE SOX) left $12 Million on the table in his last year of his baseball contract because his 14-year old son could no longer stay in the locker room…yes this is nuts. Dope #8: Party boy/Chicago Black Hawk Patrick Kane was accused of rape of a 21-year old College girl. OH charges later dropped (Follow the money). Dope #9: The NBA may not play their All-Star game in North Carolina because they do not have transgender bathrooms. (REALLY…how many transgender NBA fans are there?)    

Recent Ladies Golf Tournament: ASIAN INVASION: In Gee Chun, Amy Yang, Haru Nomura, Chelia Choi, Hee Yung Park, Min Jee Lee, Ha Na Jang, & Xi Yu Lin. 2016.  NHL PLAYOFFS. The Red Wings in the 50’s had heated battles for days with Montreal/Toronto. In the 90’s there was nothing like the loathing of the Aves by Detroit. Now today it’s the Red Wings and Tampa.  This one is really ugly, and I’m now a Tampa Lightning fan.       


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