2015 Jazz Awards

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14th April, 2015     0

Female Jazz Vocalist
(Total Nominees: 3)

  • Julie Mulady
  • Molly McFadden
  • Phenomenal

Winner: Julie Mulady


Favorite Jazz Club
(Total Nominees: 3)

  • Spencer's
  • Espresso Milano Cafe
  • Thunderbrew

Winner: Spencers Route 66


Jazz Songwriter
(Total Nominees: 3)

  • Bryan Rombalski
  • Robert Lee Balderrama
  • Steve Obuch

Winner: Bryan Rombalski


Best Big Band
(Total Nominees: 4)

  • The Bijou Orchestra
  • Saginaw Area Youth Jazz Ensemble
  • Michigan Jazz Trail Big Band
  • Baytown Big Band (formerly Baytones)

Winner: Saginaw Area Youth Jazz Ensemble


Best Small Combo
(Total Nominees: 5)

  • Jim Pagel Jazz Trio
  • Brush Street
  • Lemon Frog
  • Three Worlds
  • Robert Lee Revue

Winner: Jim Pagel Jazz Trio


Best Jazz Musician
(Keyboards, Bass, Percussion, Horns, Guitarist)

(Total Nominees: 10)

  • Todd Bethune
  • Jim Pagel
  • Leslie Campbell
  • Dan Smith
  • Jeff Hall

Winner: Todd Bethune


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