2014 Midwest League All-Star Game

West Michigan Whitecaps host annual All-Star Game in Comstock Park

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18th June, 2014     0

The West Michigan Whitecaps would host their 3rd All-Star Game in their 20 year history at Fifth Third Field on Tuesday June 17, 2014.   This would be the 50th annual All-Star Game for the Class A Midwest League.   It would turn out to be an almost history making night in professional baseball.    The best 62 players from the Midwest League would be their to display their skills.  

The Western Division would end up winning the game 7-0 against the Eastern Division All-Stars.   The history part of the game would be that the West had a no hitter going into the bottom of the eighth inning with one out before a hit up the middle would spoil the history making night.  

On what turned out to be a perfect night for baseball  after threatening weather through out the day it was disappointed that the Whitecaps were not able to sell out the game.   A little over 7,000 fans were in attendance to see the West players take advantage of 8 walks and a couple of errors.  The West would slowly build the lead in a very quiet game. 

In talking to other sportswriters during the game it was agreed upon that there were no superstar prospects but a lot of good solid players.   The Great Lakes Loons were represented by three players of which 2 started the game.   Kyle Farmer was the starting catcher and Joey Curletta would play right field.   Relieve pitcher Mark Pope would get into the game in the third inning and just face two batters getting them both out. 

The only highlight of the evening was former All-Star and Detroit Tiger great Willie Horton there to sign autographs and throw out the Opening Pitch of the Game.    The pre-game featured a bunting contest that went over like a lead balloon.   One could hear the fans calling for the traditional "Home Run Derby."    All in all another All-Star Game in the books. 


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