The Wednesdays in the Park Summer Concert Series: "Blushing Brides a Rolling Stones Tribute"

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Happening at 7 PM in Wenonah Park, Bay City. It becomes abundantly clear, early in the performance, that the BLUSHING BRIDES are something exceedingly special and excessively unique in an industry of rampant mediocrity, permeated with bands aspiring to harness the excitement only the Rolling Stones could previously deliver. Although the comparisons are undeniable, the seemingly prototyped BLUSHING BRIDES have distinguished themselves from the original (Stones), with a very distinctive sound and delivery. All cover versions clearly have the Brides improvisational signature stamped on them, and are performed at an energy level that is immeasurable. The spontaneity and passion of the music allows the audience to participate and in effect create the entire event.

Event Address

Wenonah Park

800 N Water St.

Event Date(s)

08th July, 2020, 07:00 PM


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