Roethke Poetry Birthday Party!

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The Saginaw Art Museum and Roethke House along with other partners are teaming up for a three-day celebration of poetry in honor of Theodore Roethke, starting with 'Cuttings: When Sprouts Break Out. Come hear new poems that began with old work. Five poets — Jim Daniels, Thomas Lynch, Kathleen McGookey, Cindy Hunter Morgan, and Anita Skeen — selected “cuttings” from Roethke’s poems and used those cuttings (Roethke’s titles and first lines) as the beginnings of their own poems, which will be read at this event along with the original poems that serve as inspiration. 5:30 PM. Held at Roethke House, 108 Gratiot, Saginaw.

Event Address

Roethke House

108 Gratiot Ave., Saginaw

Event Date(s)

23rd May, 2022, 05:30 PM


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