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Best Country Video

Billy Gunther- Take Me Home
Danny's Song - Pride/Helm Productions

Favorite Country Club

Big D's
Bay Lanez

Country Female Vocalist

Laurie Middlebrook
Michele Spitz
Dani Vitany
Mary Jane Thomas - MaryOke
Kris Pride-Helm
Mandi Layne
Sheila Burke
Melissa Lee
Kristine Goodwin

Country Songwriter

Mandi Lane
Bianca Henika
Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke
Billly Gunther
Todd Michael
Kristine D. Goodwin
Laurie Middlebrook-Spear
Kris Pride
Eddie Tabit
Rico Gonzales
Chris Zehnder
Randy badour
Donald Benjamin

Best Country Musician (Instrumentalist)

Randy hagle
Billy Gunther
Rob Dutcher
Rick Dawson
Tyler Hughey
Barry Forster
Rico Gonzalez
Bruce Rupp
Jerome Ratell
Jason Culhane
Pete Johnson
Randy Badour
Jakey Black
Jon Potrykus
Josh Corrion

Country Male Vocalist

Todd Michael
Jakey Black
Greg Kevorkian
Bob Hausler
Tyler Hughey
Randy Badour
Rico Gonzales
Joe Kidd
Eddie Tabit
Steve Armstrong
Chris Gouin
Billy gunther
Travis Paten
Matt de Heus
Donald Benjamin
Josh Corrion

Best Country Band

The Cowboy Rodeo Band
Alex Shofield
25 Cent Beer Band
Tweed & Dixie
Todd Michael Band
Laurie and the Lefties
Rebel Line
Mandi Layne and the Lost Highway
Michele Spitz Band
Taylor Tucky
Hellbound Drifters
Donald Benjamin Band
Billy Gunther
Kin Faux
The Eddie T Band


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