Tweed & Dixie and ADABOY! Rock The State

Local Music On A Great Stage

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14th November, 2016     0

Live music hit the big stage on the evening of Friday, November 11 as one local treasure, the State Theater in Bay City, hosted two others in headliner Tweed & Dixie and their partners on the bill ADABOY!.

ADABOY! opened the evening with a rousing 10 song set of modern rock originals.  From opener “My War” through closer “One,” the band delivered in a very eclectic and powerful mix that summons memories of bands like Genesis and REM when they were at their performing peaks.  ADABOY! always brings the energy, backed with polished musicianship that continues to grow.

Tweed & Dixie is well known to local music buffs for their mix of popular country and classic rock sounds.  The band now also offers several spry originals to their mix.

The band’s 90-minute set featured several of these originals, including very catchy songs like “Let The Girl Drive” and “That’s My Baby” mixed in with current country hits and even a spot-on AC/DC medley for good measure.

Their performance was very slick and professional.  And just when you were settled in to how the dual front men, Barry Forster and Billy Gunther, took turns on lead vocals and scorching guitar leads, up stepped bassist Rick Maida to take the mic for an excellent rendition of the Doobies Brothers classic “Listen to the Music.”  While Justin Clifford officially took center stage on a tidy drum solo in the middle of the set, his presence was felt all night with the rock-solid alliance he and Maida provided for all the pyrotechnics going on between their guitar slinging band mates.

In all, it was a performance worthy of any roadhouse, but with comfortable seating and the perfect concession stand for a Pepsi and popcorn guy like me. 

One more way that local music rocks. 


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